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30 Nov How did pilaf conquer the world?
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Did you know how popular pilaf is all over the world?Pilaf is a very ancient oriental dish that has occupied the main place on the table of the peoples and cultures of Central Asia for many centuries...
30 Nov Why is it difficult to cook real pilaf yourself?
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It would seem that today it is very difficult to do anything not by yourself. There are thousands of websites with recipes on the Internet, a huge number of video instructions. But truly Uzbek pilaf i..
30 Nov Did you know how popular pilaf is all over the world?
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Pilaf is a dish that has been the festive king for many centuries. First, pilaf is cooked in a large cauldron. What attracts attention and fascinates. The combination of products in pilaf has very bri..
21 Oct The history of pilaf
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The history of pilaf.Pilaf is a very bright, delicious, oriental dish. We have known him since childhood.We know and guess that his homeland is Central Asia.Someone says that the real pilaf is only Uz..
10 Oct New Blog Post
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Kāzas - daudzu cilvēku dzīvē, tas ir viens no galvenajiem notikumiem, šai dienai gatavojas no bērnības. Meitenes sapņo par prinčiem, zēni par princesēm.Kāzām gatavojas daudzus gadus, godbijīgi un rūpī..
12 Sep
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We are pleased to inform you about the update of our homepage .We have created not just an informational website, but a full-fledged online restaurant where you can order your favorite dish..
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