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About Us

SIA KAZANS hereinafter referred to as Myplov Company began its existence in 2015 in Riga.

Starting from a small restaurant where a real traditional pilaf was cooked in a Cauldron once a week, today Myplov is an online and offline restaurant of Oriental cuisine. Every day we prepare various dishes of Oriental cuisine and surprise our visitors with the sophistication and taste. Thousands of orders a day pass through our sales channels. We are grateful to the large number of customers who trust us and remain loyal to us all these years.

Today we are working in several directions.

  • The first is online delivery.
  • The second is offline restaurants and food outlets.
  • We have also been actively developing our Banquets and Catering business for 2 years. We have held 100 major events and treated tens of thousands of visitors to our main gourmet dish Uzbek traditional pilaf.
  • Our company has also organized the production of a unique canned pilaf. Having studied the technologies and developed our own recipe, we produce pilaf in a tin can, which has 95% of the same properties as pilaf, only cooked in a large cauldron. We sell our pilaf cans all over the world.

Myplov company is the standard of quality of Uzbek cuisine in Latvia. Every day we develop technologies and recipes to make our product even better.