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Terms & Conditions

Free Shipping


Free shipping applies to the order from 30 euros and above. Free shipping is distributed in Riga and the surrounding area within a radius of 10 km.


In case the order value is less than 30 euros, a fee of 5 euros per delivery is applied.


Delivery outside Riga and its surroundings is carried out within a radius of 30 km. the cost of delivery outside Riga is 10 euros.




Delivery time.



From the moment it is ordered and approved by the operator, delivery within the limits of Riga and its surroundings within a radius of 10 km is from 45 min. up to 1.5 hours, depending on the weather and traffic jams on the roads. Delivery terms outside Riga within a radius of 30 km are from 1 hour to 2 hours.


Order for 10/20/30 persons. Delivery of this type of product is carried out only the next day and is delivered directly at a certain time with the buyer. Perhaps there is no significant delay to 30 min. caused by the situation on the road at a particular moment.




If during the delivery The Courier can not transfer the order to the client under conditions independent of Myplov (the client is not available at the specified address and the specified phone number), he has the right to leave the address and return the goods to the restaurant.


The customer who has paid the order through electronic banking systems (BankLink or other payment systems), but has not received the ordered product for reasons beyond the control of myplov, as well as the customer who has violated the terms and conditions and has not complied with the terms set out in the sub-clauses of these terms, the money for the order will not be returned.




Client's obligations and terms.



·      The customer undertakes to accept the order from the courier within the specified delivery terms.


·      The customer undertakes to be available at the address specified in the order at the scheduled delivery time.


·      The customer undertakes to be available for communication during delivery.


·      The customer has the right not to take the product in controversial situations, but the fact of damage to the product or other controversial situations must be determined in the presence of a photo or video material Courier. Materials can be provided by mail .


· If, after receiving the goods, the customer registers an error in the order or any other problem that prevents the customer from using the product, the customer undertakes to notify and fix the situation with the operator by number 24424004 or by writing a letter by mail indicating your order number.




Payment methods.





Debit cards-VISA Electron, MASTERCARD (does not appear remote payment options).


Bank-a link to acceptable payment partners EveryPay, Latvian banks.


Legal entities have the opportunity to pay non-cash settlements-contact


Return requests must be submitted within 14 days of the order by sending a message to the e-mail address:


Terms of use pickup from the restaurant.


Buying a product on the spot you can choose a pickup from the restaurant. In this case, I coordinate the time with the operator, you can pick up the product from the service points indicated on the site



Terms of Return of goods.



If you would like to return / replace the purchased product or request a mistake made during the service, please contact the order coordinators by calling 24424004 or sending a message to the e-mail address:


Purchased on the page food products that for some reason need to be returned or replaced are not refundable, but are processed, except when it is necessary to conduct a check of FVO services.


Possible reasons for return:


·      Non-compliance or incorrect delivery of products in relation to the order placed.


·      Defective packaging or correct product type.


·      Defective product.


·      Product does not match page descriptions




Money back requests must be submitted within 14 days from the order execution time by sending a message to the e-mail address:


Money can only be returned to Latvian bank accounts.